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Room Usage Guidelines: The Parish Hall

The Parish Hall of St Peter’s is a space set aside for large groups seeking a space for meetings, receptions or parties. Like all spaces at St Peter’s, and in accordance with Canon Law, the Rector is entitled to use and control of the parish’s buildings, furnishings and contents. These guidelines have been developed and approved by the Vestry of St Peter’s to ensure the proper use and upkeep of the Parish Hall.


As with all properties and buildings of St Peter’s, its use is for the parish and, on occasion, for personal use of St Peter’s members. The room may also be rented or used by community groups approved by the Rector.


The Parish Hall includes restrooms for men and women and a fully appointed kitchen. All the guidelines set forth here refer to the Hall, restrooms, kitchen and closets.

• The Parish Hall is for the use of the congregation and its ministries.

• The Parish Hall, may, on occasion, be rented by parishioners for their personal use. Such arrangements are made through the Rector, or through the Rector’s delegated Vestry or staff member.

• The Parish Hall may also be rented to community groups. Such arrangements will be made through the Rector.

• No food or drinks are allowed in the Parish Hall without the expressed permission from the Rector.

• No materials that will stain or damage the Parish Hall and its contents are allowed in the room.

• No smoking is allowed in the Parish Hall, or in any of the parish’s buildings.

• The Parish Hall will be cleaned and left in the condition in which they were found.

• Furniture and appointments will be treated with respect and care. Any damage sustained to the Parish Hall or its furnishings must be repaired. Such repairs will be the responsibility of the group or individual using the Parish Hall.

• All electrical equipment and lights are to be turned off before departing the room.

• Outside groups using the Parish Hall may be subject to a security deposit which will not be returned until the Parish Hall and its contents are inspected and cleared for damage.

• There will be no stapling, tacking or taping of linens or decorations to any fixtures or furnishings.

• No banners, placards, or other materials will be attached to the walls, ceiling, or floor.

• No combustible materials, candles, or water fountain displays, glitter or confetti will be allowed.

• The Rector reserves the right to deny any activity or equipment usage that could damage the Parish Hall or its content.

• The Rector reserves the right to refuse or revoke the use of the Parish Hall for any group or individual without explanation.

• These guidelines are not to be considered exhaustive and other specific requirements or hindrances may be added at any time at the Rector‘s discretion.

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