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Called to Worship

The Lord’s Altar is the focal point as we come together in communion to celebrate our most hallowed obligation to God, our worship of Him. Our sanctuary is of gothic design, exuding warm light through stained glass in enduring respect for the character of our English roots and traditions.

Linens and vessels for use in the celebration of The Eucharist have been lovingly prepared and placed at the altar by the Altar Guild.   Services have been orchestrated, bulletins printed and in place, announcements and prayers compiled and volunteers notified.  Lay members (adults, children and families) are positioned at our red doors greeting each person with warm Southern hospitality, ready to assist churchgoers with information on the day’s service and to answer questions about ongoing and special events.  We attend to those with special needs and provide instruction and information to newcomers, making them feel at home.

Worship is a reverent celebration of the Good News of Jesus’ sacrifice for our salvation. It is our time of gathering together for personal reflection, spiritual renewal and acknowledgement of our standing in Jesus Christ.  Seasons of the Church Calendar are our guide as we celebrate the important events and aspects in the continual yearly review of the Gospel Story.  Services are preceded with reverent quiet time intended for prayer, reflection and preparation for a personal and meaningful worship experience. Sacred, historic hymns led by our choir are blended with majestic notes flowing from our Zimmer organ. Beautifully crafted language and ancient rituals maintain the connection back through the ages to the apostolic roots of the first century church.  Thought provoking sermons are crafted and delivered by our priest to bring the Gospel to life, making relevant our own lives with current culture.

With guilt and fear assuaged and hope renewed, a sense of joy is present throughout the congregation as we leave the service, carrying us forward into our weekly lives and routines with anticipation of making life better, and with an eagerness to be back in this place.

Life in Community

Saint Peter’s Church believes that all people are children of God who wants us to know and love him and each other.  We share our love for God and for each other with Christians and non-Christians alike in living our lives together and sharing our passions.

Our love for one another is shown in how we care for each individual parishioner. Intergenerational interaction is ever present in our social events and ministries; adults are mentors for the young and the young enliven and encourage their elders.

Sunday morning is our prime time for gathering for worship, social interaction, group discussion, sharing and learning.  During the time between services attendees of both early and late worship services come together to get to know one another, attend one of our many Christian Formation functions and to get information about the many social and ministry opportunities offered in the coming days.

We care for the lonely, the sick and shut-in, those with emotional stress and physical needs within our parish; we help celebrate the milestones in our members’ lives; and we comfort member families who have lost loved ones. 

Alternative opportunities for gathering together are offered as necessary to accommodate the needs and desires of our children, youth, young families, adults and seniors and with an emphasis on fellowship, ministry and learning.

We reach out to our external community through various media to bring us together with those who do not know us; we support families and children in need; and we participate in city wide benevolent and charitable events.

We promote camaraderie with a weekly communal meal for fellowship and the sharing of information; we create fun events to promote a culture of hospitality and to invite friends and un-churched people to join us and become members of our parish.

Stories of success are shared throughout our parish and beyond.

Christian Formation

Christian formation is not complete at the moment one believes in the Good News of Jesus, nor once an infant is baptized.  It is a lifelong process of knowing and being known, of maturing in our ability to follow the leading the Holy Spirit. 

Saint Peter’s offers age-appropriate processes for lifelong Christian learning that are effective for each level of spiritual maturity.  Preschool children are immersed in a nurturing environment in which they learn the story of God in the Bible through story, music, art and play.  They transition through middle school years learning the broader implications of our faith.  In their high school years, they are taught how to share and defend their faith in today’s culture, preparing them for life free from parental authority. Adults and seniors are offered many opportunities to maintain and advance their lifelong journey in learning and ministry.

All non-believers, those with serious questions and doubt, and those seeking a deeper Christian life are invited to examine the troublesome issues of life and faith in an inclusive rather than exclusionary environment. All that come through our doors are provided a welcoming, open-minded perspective, sensitive to all presuppositions, expectations and needs; a place where matters of faith are explored and reconciled; a place where God is found.

When personal or controversial matters of faith or culture arise, discussions are held in discrete “circles” or openly in “rows” as deemed necessary and appropriate.

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