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St. Peter's Prayer List

Revised 9.15.2023

Fr. Robert & Priscilla (09/30/2019)  

Denise (12/31/2019)

Daphne (03/22/2020) 

Bernie (07/21/2020)

Janet (11/02/2020) 

Sally (01/07/2021)

Fr. Glen

Fr. Glenn (10/25/2021)

Fr. Rob (09/2021)

Jule & Jeff (11/18/2021)

Charley (11/24/2021)

Christine (01/202022)

Shirley (09/13/2022)

Chris (11/14/2022)

Anthony (01/03/2023)

Ken & Gayle (01/30/2023)

Betty (02/07/2023)

 Sarah (02/07/2023)

Jonathan (02/22/2023)

Mary Katherine (02/22/2023)

Jim (03/14/2023)

Pat & Murray (03/14/2023

Judy (03/27/2023)

Barbara (04/05/2023)

Evelyn (04/10/2023)

Bill (06/13/2023)

Ty  (06/13/2023)

Halle & Rodney (06/15/2023)

Michelle (06/20/2023)

Christian (06/20/2023)

Mary Alice (08/02/2023)

Bobbie (08/07/2023)

Erick (08/14/2023)

People of Maui (08/16/2023)

Nancy (09/06/23)

F. Wilson

B. Turner

C. Davidson

B. Turner

J. Hill

F. Wilson

Fr. Martin

Fr. Martin

M. Burchfield

B. Beyer

A. Anderson

P. Linder

B. Roney

J. Bender

B. Kubler

R. Beyers

B. Caudle

T. DeShong

M. Prokuski

S. Dean

M. Burchfield

M. Burchfield

C. Durst

D. Nelson

A. Anderson

C. Durst

D. Healy

D. Nelson

F. Wilson

F. Wilson

C. Durst

H. Mccarter

E. Corryn

D. Healy

Mark Conner

And also: 

Our bishop and clergy: Doug, Alissa, Barry, John, & Denise

Our Vestry: Patti, Cindy, Starr, Ron, Dick, Eda, Carolyn, & Patty

Members of our community serving in the armed forces: Andrew, Brendan, Christopher, Dayna,
Forrest, Jeremy, Kyle, Logan, Matt, Matthew, Nick, Robert, Ryan, Scott, Timothy, Yasmine

Victims of violence and injustice in our own country and around the world

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